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Cindy Chaplin - founder / turner & tatler


As an avid collector of fine antique jewelry, I am delighted to share my collection with other jewelry fans.

Trading in New York and London, I have access to the finest craftsmen and the best selection of antique jewelry. And with my husband’s family in the jewelry businss today in London’s Hatton Garden and on Bond Street for over 55 years, I’ve had incredible exposure to so many beautiful pieces.

The Turner & Tatler Collection represents a nod to estate pieces, but with the ability to make it relevant to today’s modern woman. Many of my necklaces, rings, and bracelets have been worked into simple but striking examples of timeless jewelry. Whether they were stickpins or brooches or charms, they reflect a period of time when workmanship and detail were exacting.

Reimagining and reworking are very much in vogue today. Preserving beauty and history of the past along with fine craftsmanship is always a worthwhile endeavor. My mission as the designer of Turner & Tatler is to steer the pieces into this century and have them be as relevant today as they were when they were first created.

I hope you enjoy looking at the collection as much as I have enjoyed creating it for the next century of jewelry lovers.

- Cindy Chaplin